Hello again!

March 4, 2014

Is everyone as sick of winter as I am? Between the drifted snow and record low temps, its been almost impossible to work out in my studio. Now it seems like the weather may finally cut me a break and warm up this week. Until then, I’m going to get out into the garage and work on some jewelry. I can’t weld out there, but I can at least shape metal and solder. I just need to get back into the game, if you see what I mean!

On a slightly different note, I’d to announce my recent partnership with Carmel Tattoo Ink! Michelle and Aaron were kind enough to let me hang a few of my clocks in their shop, and I can’t thank them enough! Stop by and see them at 43 West Main Street in the Carmel Arts and Design district! Or, visit them on the web at: http://www.carmeltattoo.com . They’re great folks, and do wonderful tattoo work!

I would also like to plug a good friend and fellow found object artist, Valerie Pillow! She is Uber-talented, and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I “discovered” her last summer, and invited her to share my space at the Carmel International Art Fair. It was her first show, and she sold pieces both days! Now, a short time later, and she has had a solo exhibition at a local gallery, has her own web site, and is poised for fame and fortune! Visit her site, and buy something now, while you can still afford her work! http://www.valeriepillow.com is the address; tell her Greg sent you!

As some of you may know already, I have changed day jobs! I’m now working at the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall; come by and say “Hello” if youre in the neighborhood. I hope to hear from some of you soon!


Wow!  We had an unexpected opportunity come our way and we were invited to participate in one of the gardens during Orchard in Bloom!  Thank you to Fall Creek Gardens and Waterford Landscaping!  I hope everyone has had an opportunity to stop by.  Look for the chicken coop!


Our next show is coming up on Saturday, the Alternative Gift Fair at The Irving Theatre (5505 East Washington), from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  This is the first annual and we are really looking forward to it.  We hope to see you there.  Stop by and say hi!

So far, so good!  I would like to announce the opening of our second etsy store: Indy Found Objects! We will be selling found objects, nic-nacs, gee-gaws, and other assorted grot just like the pieces I use in my sculptures! We’ve already had a few sales, and hopefully business will build further! Check it out at indyfoundobjects.etsy.com !

We have had a few sales this month; this is great, since this is usually our worst season for sales! We’ve had sales in sculpture, supplies, and wall clocks!  

Lastly, (and most excitingly) I am honored to have been chosen to appear in the Indianapolis Art Center’s pop-up class schedule!  The instructor (Julie Ball, Girl Genius!) is the artist who first showed me that I could really be a sculptor.  Her calm, nurturing classroom manner, and her wicked good welding and art chops remain an inspriration all these years later.  Imagine my delight when I found that she had saved a picture of one of my first pieces that ever sold, and wanted to teach a pop-up welding class based on that technique, and promoted by that picture of my work!  I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be remembered and valued by my old mentor after all these years!  Please check her out at julieball.net ! She’s a wonderful person, and worth your time to read about!  If you’re looking for a welding instructor, take one of her classes and you won’t go wrong!

As always, contact me! Send me those pictures of the sculptures you bought or were given!  I’m starting to develop a complex here!

Please visit the people and places mentioned in this blog; they’re definite assets to our community, and lots of fun besides!



And please go visit our other sites:





Happy New Year!

January 3, 2013

Well, another year has passed me by, and once again I am left feeling as though I didn’t achieve nearly enough.  It was a rough year, filled with personal drama and injuries that sidelined me far longer than I liked.  The new year, however, brings us a chance to turn the page and begin a new chapter.  A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate; I resolve to clear my mind, clean my studio, and start working towards higher goals.  My resolutions for this year include spending more time in the studio creating art, a more regular and reliable internet presence, and seizing opportunities as they arise; all areas where I fell short last year. Most of all, I resolve to stay positive as much as possible this year. When I get depressed, it debilitates me! I find it difficult to make the 10 yard commute from my back door to my studio sometimes. This makes me feel guilty, which makes me more depressed…until friends are neglected, opportunities missed, and deadlines ignored. This time around, I’m going to try to avoid these pitfalls. I may stumble, but I’ll endeavor to not fall!

Dawn and I are considering trying a couple of new shows this year. We haven’t made final decisions yet, of course….so if you have a favorite art event that you think we should try, please drop us a line! Include the date and location and we’ll see what we can arrange. If we attend your local event, be sure to stop by and say hello!

One last idea for today: a promotion of sorts that I’ve had in mind, and it involves all of you out there! Do you own one of my pieces? (And if not, WHY NOT for Heaven’s sake?? Buy one. Now. In fact, buy two!) Send us a picture of your piece in situ, and I’ll post them in this blog. Remember to keep it family friendly, and be sure to include your name, and if possible, when you bought it from us. Feel free to include a paragraph about it, and you. I’m very excited to see what you submit. If you know other owners of SBS pieces, pass the word to them! Lets see how many we can round up!

Here’s hoping that we all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Keep in touch!

It’s almost Halloween!

October 6, 2012

Okay, as part of our end-of-season, we always go back and try to clean up the studio and the garage.  In doing so this time, Greg found scraps that he has made into little ghost and bat garden stakes.  Sooooo cute.  Enjoy!










Well, we are done with shows for this year, so now we are going to refocus on orders and maybe expanding to other venues.  Greg is in the process of finishing up commissions, and is getting some Halloween pieces done (stay tuned for pictures this week, but needless to say, they are very cute).

I hadn’t managed to get a picture of Greg’s latest bird, a woodpecker, before his last show, but I did get some pictures at the show.  This little guy just makes me laugh.   He stands fairly tall, and is just a little cartoon character.  I hope you enjoy him.  Have a happy week.


Getting ready for a show

September 15, 2012

Well, we have a week before our biggest show of the year, and the house is insane with packing and completed items getting ready to be packed.  Greg has been busy working on new items, and I am catching up on finishing up his jewelry pieces (getting them on chains).  We have a new dog, and Pepper is a little confused as to what is going on, but there’s a lot of great energy.  Greg has really been inspired of late, and you can tell that he is just itching to get back to the studio.

Here is one of my favourite recent jewelry pieces.  Have a great week.

Greg has been featured in another magazine, the May/June edition of North!  It’s a Carmel /Fishers magazine that is out in the newstands now, but I believe that you should be able to see the article online after it comes off of the stands.  The pictures are great.

Check it out!

Greg has been busy!

May 12, 2012

Greg has been busy recently, creating a group of the cutest birds for the garden (I am trying not to steal them for our garden) and little jelly fish (which I admit I might have to steal the pink one).  He has also made a couple of elephants, which I love.  He tried elephants previously, and struggled, but something has clicked this time, because they are really great!

We are still trying for 54th and the Monon, but we haven’t actually gotten confirmation.  We did get confirmation for the Festival of the Arts in Brownsburg, which is on 7.21.12.  The bad news is though that we decided to not have an open house this year.  Our work schedules have not allowed us the time to get the property ready for a proper open house, which is sad.  Instead though, we are going to try to focus our time (and by “our time”, I mean Greg’s time. he! he!) on getting inventory up and talk to some galleries to get him into.

Here is a picture of one of the jelly fish, but be sure to hop over to our Flick account to see all of the recent additions.

I just sent off the application for the Brownsburg’s Festival of the Arts, scheduled for July.  We haven’t done any shows on the west side of Indy, so we are looking forward to expanding our shows out. 

For our regular shows, I am keeping track of the Art Fair at the 54th and the Monon Shops show, but they haven’t posted the application yet.  In addition, we plan on being at the Carmel show in September again, which we always look forward to.

And the one that has me already worried with getting the gardens in shape is our open house again.  We had one two years ago, and wow!  that was a full-time job getting the property in shape!  It was a lot of fun though, so I decided that we should do it again.  Time to get out in the gardens to start getting them ready.

Greg has been busy with putting clocks together lately.  There is one hidden in the studio now that I will be bringing to work next week to “test” (of course my idea of testing is bringing Greg’s clocks to work and then “forgetting” them there, since I like them so much.  He! He!)

Well, time to go work on our Flickr account.  Check it out when you have a chance.  I have been cleaning it up to hopefully make it easier for you to find something in particular.


A friend’s open house!

November 5, 2011

A wonderful local potter, Lyndi Grubb, and her jeweler friend, Heather Ward, are having an open house & sale on November 19 from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. I haven’t figured out how to load the actual postcard so you can see a sample of their work, but I did want to tell you all of this event and welcome you to stop by.

When: November 19, 2011
Time: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Where: 4802 Chervil Court, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Stop by and start your holiday shopping! If you have questions, you can Lyndi (317-372-6279) or Heather (315-439-6387) directly.

Have fun!

Great Indy Star article!!!

October 15, 2011

Greg was featured in the Indy Star in late September.  Both Dan, the reporter, and Zach, the photographer, did such a great job showcasing Greg and his work.  It was a really exciting opportunity, and it’s been neat getting comments from people who recognize Greg from the article.

Check out the link below for the article and pictures!


All new critters!

August 28, 2011

Inspired by my southern aunt who recently hauled about a hundred old horseshoes up to my house, I worked out a new design!  Presenting…Armadillos! Each is 100% recycled material, involoving 9 horseshoes, 2 plow tines, and 2 washers each.  I couldn’t decide on whether to paint them or not, so I made one of each.  What can I  say?  They make me smile!  I hope that you enjoy them as well!

New critters: Armadillos!

And remember to come and see us at the Carmel International Art Fair on Saturday, September 24!  As always, we’ll be on the sidewalk in front of the Old Town Antique Mall, in the heart of the Arts and Design District!  Come by and see us if you can!


What time is it?

August 21, 2011

Well, Greg has been hard at work getting ready for his show in September.  He had made a couple of really neat clocks out of old hubcaps last year, and he has decided to look into making other clocks.  It has been a challenge with trying to reuse clock mechanisms, but it has been fun seeing what he comes up with as ideas.

Here are two that he has finished recently.  I will be “borrowing” the second one for my office at work.

Hi!  It’s Dawn.  With everything going on with Salvaged Beauty and “real life”, Greg and I are going to share handling the blog, to try to be sure that we stay on top of it.  So, let me catch you up!  SoHo is going great; we continue to showcase new pieces every month.  Stay tuned for new pictures in the next week or so of some great new pieces that we just dropped off there.

We have also been in discussion with a new business venture down in Franklin, Indiana.  We have mostly stayed up north of Indianapolis with the shows that we had done to date, and we had been having discussions of moving to other areas.  An opportunity came up for a new shop opening in September down in Franklin, and we are currently working with the business owners.  Stay tuned for more details.

Now, show-wise, we have had to cancel our August show, but we still plan on being one of the artist-in-residence in September through the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall.  As always, we appreciate Roman and Linda’s support and invitation for this every year, and we look forward to it.  Which means that Greg has been quite busy though, as this is always a successful and wonderful weekend for him.

Next show coming up!

May 1, 2011

Zionsville’s Brick Street Market is around the corner, 14 May.  I have a couple of new pieces in the works for the show, larger and brighter ones which I really think will be crown pleasers.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Hope to see you at the show.

Today was the “Meet the Artist” at SoHo!  The gallery looked great!  Here are some pictures of new works currently on display.

It’s official!  The Meet the Artist event is scheduled at SoHo Cafe & Gallery on 12 March, 2011, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  If you are in the area (620 S. Rangeline, Carmel), be sure to stop by!  I have about ten pieces exhibited, alongside some other great works from other local artists.

Gallery opening!

February 20, 2011

Well, as luck would have it, when the magazine article came out a few weeks ago, I stopped in a new coffee shop with Dawn and my parents.  It is a new venture, and it is actually a cafe and gallery.  We talked to the owners, set up an appointment, and…  I’m in!  My pieces are officially on display at the SoHo Cafe and Gallery in Carmel, through August.

This is so exciting for me, as I have wanted gallery representation since I started down this artistic path.  The owners are great, and are so supportive, and I can’t wait to see where this path takes me.  It all happened so quickly, so I took in some pieces that I am really excited about too.  Stay tuned for pictures in the next few days.

If you are in the area, the “meet the artist” night is scheduled for 12 March, 2011!


The article is out with the Hamilton County Business Magazine!  Check it out at http://www.hamiltoncountybusiness.com.  Dawn and I are really happy with it! 

The night we got the magazine in the mail, we stopped by a new coffee house down the street from us, SoHo Cafe & Gallery.  The weather was miserable, and we were the only ones there, so we struck up a conversation with the owens.  And now we have a presentation scheduled for this Wednesday to see if they might be interested in exhibiting some of my work in an upcoming month! 

It’s been a great start to the year!

Exciting news!

December 24, 2010

I am so excited!  I received a call last week from the Hamilton County Business Journal, requesting an interview with me about my art and studio!  I met with the interviewer this week, and the article should be posted around March or April! 

What a thrill!  Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Junkyard Dogs

August 29, 2010

I am ramping up for my next show, which is in a month.  In addition to my normal “critters”, I have made a couple of assemblage pieces, Junkyard Dog series.  I had made one a while ago.  These are the next two in the series.  Stay tuned for more pictures over the next few weeks.

It’s been a busy week.  I have had more time off my “real” job lately, so I have been working on commissions.  I have a couple of more to work on, then I will need to get busy.  Dawn has me scheduled for two shows (one is a two-day show in September), and she just told me today that I have another one in November! 

Stay tuned for the latest creations!

Little critters

August 8, 2010

Lately, I have been focusing on my little turtles and little  snails.  It’s funny how people are so attracted to these little guys.  To my wife’s chagrin, they are starting to pile up in the office, needing pictures taken and to be entered in inventory.  I do think that they make her smile though, or she would have them already put away!

Busy couple of weeks

June 26, 2010

Well, we got through the last couple of weeks!  Last weekend, we had an open house at the house, where my studio is.  It rained the night before, making part of the garden a little soggy, but the day was great! 

Last night, we were at the Zionsville Brick Street Art Walk, in Lincoln Park.  Ientered Xualong, and I had two wonderful poems written by JL Kato and John Sherman.  John read his poem last night, and gave us permission to print his poem.  We hope that you enjoy it!


befuddled by lack of knowledge

old map makers

marked areas unconquered with the note:

where there be dragons

zionsville outside 465

beyond the pale marion county mapmakers

is where a dragon there be

not so befuddling perhaps

with antique stores and ice cream cones

lacking swamps and demons

(for the most part)

but possessing ever so temporarily one dragon

in the midst of a sea of green

its jaws open ready to tease those who think it tame

its salvaged beauty its spinal chains intertwining

a creature feared in past by sailors who longed to return

to that terra that was oh so much more firma

afraid that such creatures would rise up from the fog

and snatch them in their mouths

pulling them to the bottom of the ocean

pulling them off the edge of the flat earth

instead: I suspect the dragons of yore

told knock knock jokes

and posed easy to answer riddles

offered a pack of fireproof cards

calming the fears of their new friends with gin rummy

having just swallowed a whole boat of norsemen

not hungry  just bored

knock knock

whos there


dragon who

draggin you down to the bottom of the sea

if you don’t let me win this next game

now this savage beauty

poses with its gears and rust

looking in vain for salty sailors

finding instead art connoisseurs

and ice cream coners

longing for the sudden rush

of rising out of the mist

scaring the bejeezus out of seafaring types

who had wandered off the map

then off the earth

seized and taken into the far down lair of the dragon

to be part of a sailor salad

festooned with moss and seaweed

resting after too many bites

the happy dragon

failed to spot the nearby nina pinta and santa maria

sailing warily westward

hoping that day to hear land ho

reading comforting scriptures that invoked the god of the land of zion

far oh my so very far from four sixty five

Copyright © 2010 by John Sherman

What a month!

June 5, 2010

What a busy month so far!  I met the poet assigned to my dragon, Xualong.  His name is JL Kato.  I am really excited to see what he comes up as a match for my piece for the show later this month.

Dawn and I have spent time just about every day continuing to work on the gardens for our open in house.  We are down to about two or three yards of mulch, down from nine!  If I am not pulling out grass (our ultimate goal is to have nothing but gardens), I have been working on commissions.  I had made a business card holder last year for me, the only piece I have every made for me, but people keep trying to buy it at shows.  I did accept a couple of commissions during my last show to make similar ones, which are fun to do.

Great weekend

May 17, 2010

We had a great weekend.  Mother Nature cooperated with us, and just sprinkled a little bit both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday, we were in Zionsville, which is always a great show.  The crowds came out early! 

Today, I was one of the demo artists at the Broad Ripple Art Fair.  Again, the morning looked a little questionable, but it didn’t stop the crowds!

We have a gap before our next big show in September.  We are getting our gardens in shape to hopefully have an open house in June.  Of course, getting our gardens in good shape is a full-time job. Ha! Ha!

Stay tuned for more updates!


May 8, 2010

Well, the 2010 show season has officially started.  We just got back from the opening for Art4Sale in Fort Wayne.   And yesterday, we received our acceptance letter to Christmas in October in Fishers, Indiana.  This is a rather late show in the year for us, but we thought that we would give it a try.

I have been working hard getting ready.  My latest (and biggest piece to date) is a dragon that will be displayed during Zionsville’s Brick Street Gallery Walk on June 25.  We attended the event last year as one of the artists hosted by one of the local merchants, but we decided to change it up this year and participate in the sculpture garden.  We will be matched up with a poet, which should be a lot of fun.

Here is the piece being entered, named “Xuanlong”. 

Art4Sale Show

April 5, 2010

I’m in!  I will be heading up to Fort Wayne in May with two of my pieces, Broken Heart #2 and Untitled #1.

Happy holidays!

December 15, 2009

Happy holidays to everyone!  We decorated the house yesterday, and we decided that the Convivial Flummox should be part of the decorations 🙂

I haven’t been working on anything in the last week, due to the holidays, but I have been thinking about the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne.  I have been invited to showcase my work again, and we are trying to organize a weekend event with the kids.  It should be a lot of fun, and wow!  the display space is fantastic.  The picture above is from last year.

Help! I need a title

November 24, 2009

Here is my latest piece, which I am going to submit for the Fort Wayne show this year.  It is still in the works (it needs to be cleaned), but I am struggling with a title.  Any ideas?


My first bottle tree

October 26, 2009

I have been wanting to do a bottle tree for quite some time now, and I got a commission to do one!  The client wanted a very simple design, so this is what we came up with.


It looks great in her garden, and now I can’t wait to make one for Dawn.

I realize that I haven’t been online in quite a while, but I promise that I am back.   I had a wonderful end of year, ending with the Carmel International Arts Festival, which I did very well.  Here is a picture of one of my newer pieces, my butterflies.


Right now, I am working on scheduling for next year, and filling a couple of commissions.  Stay tuned.

Visual Fringe!

July 19, 2009

One of my pieces has been accepted to Visual Fringe, as part of the Fringe Festival in August!  The piece that I am submitting is Convivial Flumux, which was such a fun piece to create!


Well, after much agonizing over the color, I finally got the parrot done in time for the garden show.  I didn’t even have it for an hour, which Dawn wasn’t happy about since she didn’t even get to “own” it as her own art for any time at all 🙂


I can’t believe that it has been a month since I posted last…  It has been crazy!  Zionsville Country Market was gray and rainy, but I still did really well.  The best part was watching my very heavy tortoise being taken away on a cart down the sidewalk.



Then it was Reese Kitchen’s 54th and the Monon Art Fair.  This is a great show for me, and it was sunny and bright this year!   From there, I had the Noblesville Garden Tour, and I was assigned to the best garden! 

Now, it is time to prepare for my next shows (not until September).  Stay tuned for new critters!

So what do you do when you have an old metal lunchbox?  You make a moose out of it, or course!


Great weekend!

May 18, 2009

I have been a little busy lately, and haven’t had a chance to update the blog.  The good news though is that the time that I wasn’t updating the blog, I was getting ready for my show!

First of all, the art show in Fort Wayne was great!  They did a wonderful job displaying my piece, and it sold in the first hour!


This weekend was the Zionsville Country Market.  The weather was questionable all morning, which kept people away, but overall I did really well.  The reaction was very positive, and I handed out plenty of business and events cards.

Well, I had better get to work.

I just confirmed that I will be in the Reese Kitchen 54th & the Monon show in June.  Do you remember the horrible rains that hit the midwest last summer?  The ones that basically flooded Indiana?  That was when we had the show last year.  And it was one my best weekends!  You have to love dedicated art lovers 🙂

New pet

April 6, 2009

Okay, I have been doing dogs for a while, and I thought that wasn’t fair to the cat lovers out there.  So, here is my first cat.


Featured on a blog

April 2, 2009

The Photographers of Etsy picked up my ruler easel to include on their blog.  Take a look!


Thanks so much, Ann!

Latest pieces

March 30, 2009

I have been locked up in the studio getting ready for the Zionsville show.  Here are a couple of pictures of my latest creations.











Best in series

March 24, 2009

Here is a picture of my latest bird creation.  I am really quite proud of this one.













I am going to paint him a vibrant green.  I am struggling to find the green that I have in mind; no luck so far.

Time to freak out!  I have been accepted to the Zionsville Country Market (May 16, 2009)!  It is a large, one day show in a little town north of Indianapolis, so I am locked up in my studio every chance that I get.  There are art pieces scattered all over the house right now in various states of completion.  Dawn hasn’t killed me yet 🙂

Latest in bird series

March 3, 2009

As promised in my last post, here is a picture of the latest in my bird series (#4):


He stands just over waist high, making him my largest bird yet.  Stay tuned for a progress report next week.

Update: here is a picture of my latest completed “feathered friend”


Bird series – #3

February 26, 2009

Here is the third in my bird series:










What do you think?  I am currently working on #4, which I will post “work in progress” pictures next week.

New line – jewelry

February 6, 2009

I have broken from my usual style, and made a couple of rings.  What do you think?

Fellow Etsian post

January 28, 2009

Thanks to indie*galore for the nice post on her blog:


Check it out!

Funky Finds – featured

January 28, 2009

I was lucky enough to be featured on the following site: 


Stop by and check it out!