Busy couple of weeks

June 26, 2010

Well, we got through the last couple of weeks!  Last weekend, we had an open house at the house, where my studio is.  It rained the night before, making part of the garden a little soggy, but the day was great! 

Last night, we were at the Zionsville Brick Street Art Walk, in Lincoln Park.  Ientered Xualong, and I had two wonderful poems written by JL Kato and John Sherman.  John read his poem last night, and gave us permission to print his poem.  We hope that you enjoy it!


befuddled by lack of knowledge

old map makers

marked areas unconquered with the note:

where there be dragons

zionsville outside 465

beyond the pale marion county mapmakers

is where a dragon there be

not so befuddling perhaps

with antique stores and ice cream cones

lacking swamps and demons

(for the most part)

but possessing ever so temporarily one dragon

in the midst of a sea of green

its jaws open ready to tease those who think it tame

its salvaged beauty its spinal chains intertwining

a creature feared in past by sailors who longed to return

to that terra that was oh so much more firma

afraid that such creatures would rise up from the fog

and snatch them in their mouths

pulling them to the bottom of the ocean

pulling them off the edge of the flat earth

instead: I suspect the dragons of yore

told knock knock jokes

and posed easy to answer riddles

offered a pack of fireproof cards

calming the fears of their new friends with gin rummy

having just swallowed a whole boat of norsemen

not hungry  just bored

knock knock

whos there


dragon who

draggin you down to the bottom of the sea

if you don’t let me win this next game

now this savage beauty

poses with its gears and rust

looking in vain for salty sailors

finding instead art connoisseurs

and ice cream coners

longing for the sudden rush

of rising out of the mist

scaring the bejeezus out of seafaring types

who had wandered off the map

then off the earth

seized and taken into the far down lair of the dragon

to be part of a sailor salad

festooned with moss and seaweed

resting after too many bites

the happy dragon

failed to spot the nearby nina pinta and santa maria

sailing warily westward

hoping that day to hear land ho

reading comforting scriptures that invoked the god of the land of zion

far oh my so very far from four sixty five

Copyright © 2010 by John Sherman


What a month!

June 5, 2010

What a busy month so far!  I met the poet assigned to my dragon, Xualong.  His name is JL Kato.  I am really excited to see what he comes up as a match for my piece for the show later this month.

Dawn and I have spent time just about every day continuing to work on the gardens for our open in house.  We are down to about two or three yards of mulch, down from nine!  If I am not pulling out grass (our ultimate goal is to have nothing but gardens), I have been working on commissions.  I had made a business card holder last year for me, the only piece I have every made for me, but people keep trying to buy it at shows.  I did accept a couple of commissions during my last show to make similar ones, which are fun to do.