Great day at “Meet the Artist”

March 12, 2011

Today was the “Meet the Artist” at SoHo!  The gallery looked great!  Here are some pictures of new works currently on display.


2 Responses to “Great day at “Meet the Artist””

  1. Julie Says:

    Hey Greg, just wanted to tell you how much I am in love with the pieces that you have posted above. I love metal art and was excited to discover the cafe this morning and saw these in person. Of course the piece entitled “Resilience” really spoke to me the most so I did take that one home with me today ; ) Hopefully one day I will have means to go back to purchase one of the other pieces.
    I decided to hop online to see if you had a website and was glad I found this. However, in my google search I did see that someone posted (I believe in flickr) a table that you made. That table was AMAZING! Do you still make furniture pieces?
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you create in the future and will definitely have to bookmark this website.

    • salvagedbeautystudio Says:

      Hi Julie —

      I apologize for the delay in responding. The week gets away from us with our “real” jobs getting in the way 🙂 I am so happy that you found SoHo and Resilience!

      I haven’t done any more furniture pieces since the table, but if you have something in mind, I would be willing to meet and see what you have in mind.

      Thanks again

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