Hi!  It’s Dawn.  With everything going on with Salvaged Beauty and “real life”, Greg and I are going to share handling the blog, to try to be sure that we stay on top of it.  So, let me catch you up!  SoHo is going great; we continue to showcase new pieces every month.  Stay tuned for new pictures in the next week or so of some great new pieces that we just dropped off there.

We have also been in discussion with a new business venture down in Franklin, Indiana.  We have mostly stayed up north of Indianapolis with the shows that we had done to date, and we had been having discussions of moving to other areas.  An opportunity came up for a new shop opening in September down in Franklin, and we are currently working with the business owners.  Stay tuned for more details.

Now, show-wise, we have had to cancel our August show, but we still plan on being one of the artist-in-residence in September through the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall.  As always, we appreciate Roman and Linda’s support and invitation for this every year, and we look forward to it.  Which means that Greg has been quite busy though, as this is always a successful and wonderful weekend for him.