I just sent off the application for the Brownsburg’s Festival of the Arts, scheduled for July.  We haven’t done any shows on the west side of Indy, so we are looking forward to expanding our shows out. 

For our regular shows, I am keeping track of the Art Fair at the 54th and the Monon Shops show, but they haven’t posted the application yet.  In addition, we plan on being at the Carmel show in September again, which we always look forward to.

And the one that has me already worried with getting the gardens in shape is our open house again.  We had one two years ago, and wow!  that was a full-time job getting the property in shape!  It was a lot of fun though, so I decided that we should do it again.  Time to get out in the gardens to start getting them ready.

Greg has been busy with putting clocks together lately.  There is one hidden in the studio now that I will be bringing to work next week to “test” (of course my idea of testing is bringing Greg’s clocks to work and then “forgetting” them there, since I like them so much.  He! He!)

Well, time to go work on our Flickr account.  Check it out when you have a chance.  I have been cleaning it up to hopefully make it easier for you to find something in particular.