Greg has been featured in another magazine, the May/June edition of North!  It’s a Carmel /Fishers magazine that is out in the newstands now, but I believe that you should be able to see the article online after it comes off of the stands.  The pictures are great.

Check it out!


Greg has been busy!

May 12, 2012

Greg has been busy recently, creating a group of the cutest birds for the garden (I am trying not to steal them for our garden) and little jelly fish (which I admit I might have to steal the pink one).  He has also made a couple of elephants, which I love.  He tried elephants previously, and struggled, but something has clicked this time, because they are really great!

We are still trying for 54th and the Monon, but we haven’t actually gotten confirmation.  We did get confirmation for the Festival of the Arts in Brownsburg, which is on 7.21.12.  The bad news is though that we decided to not have an open house this year.  Our work schedules have not allowed us the time to get the property ready for a proper open house, which is sad.  Instead though, we are going to try to focus our time (and by “our time”, I mean Greg’s time. he! he!) on getting inventory up and talk to some galleries to get him into.

Here is a picture of one of the jelly fish, but be sure to hop over to our Flick account to see all of the recent additions.