So far, so good!  I would like to announce the opening of our second etsy store: Indy Found Objects! We will be selling found objects, nic-nacs, gee-gaws, and other assorted grot just like the pieces I use in my sculptures! We’ve already had a few sales, and hopefully business will build further! Check it out at !

We have had a few sales this month; this is great, since this is usually our worst season for sales! We’ve had sales in sculpture, supplies, and wall clocks!  

Lastly, (and most excitingly) I am honored to have been chosen to appear in the Indianapolis Art Center’s pop-up class schedule!  The instructor (Julie Ball, Girl Genius!) is the artist who first showed me that I could really be a sculptor.  Her calm, nurturing classroom manner, and her wicked good welding and art chops remain an inspriration all these years later.  Imagine my delight when I found that she had saved a picture of one of my first pieces that ever sold, and wanted to teach a pop-up welding class based on that technique, and promoted by that picture of my work!  I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be remembered and valued by my old mentor after all these years!  Please check her out at ! She’s a wonderful person, and worth your time to read about!  If you’re looking for a welding instructor, take one of her classes and you won’t go wrong!

As always, contact me! Send me those pictures of the sculptures you bought or were given!  I’m starting to develop a complex here!

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